Providing a Solution to the Specialty Lending Market. Offering Outsized Risk-Adjusted Returns to Investors.

Haversine Funding is a leading provider of capital, services and expertise to specialty commercial lenders.

We’re a team of entrepreneurs with decades of experience.

We provide our investors with access to carefully selected and actively managed portfolios of direct secured loans to small and medium sized private businesses in the U.S. through a nationwide network of specialty lenders.

Benefits to Investors:
  • Among the highest absolute returns of all public or private debt investments
  • Among the highest risk-adjusted returns of all investment alternatives including public and private equities
  • Historically uncorrelated with the broader economy, including other equity and debt investments

Focused on ‘win-win’ situations.

We are providing a capital solution to the specialty lending market. Our flexibility, expertise, and fast execution makes us a “go-to” provider for our clients, which translates into strong returns for our investors.

There are various ways to participate in our growth,
contact us if you’re interested in joining our investor community.