Recent Fundings and Participations

Haversine Funding works with various specialty lenders including factors, asset-based lenders, inventory, equipment and real estate lenders and other alternative finance companies to fill funding gaps. Here are some funding case studies.

Haversine's Partnership Fuels Fast-Track Success for New Factoring Startup

Haversine's recent partnership has significantly accelerated the success of a new factoring startup. By offering crucial funding and strategic support, Haversine has helped transform the startup's vision into a thriving reality.

Win-Win Financing: How Haversine's Strategic Alliance Fueled a $2,000,000 Analytics Staffing Venture

Uncover the strategic alliance between Haversine and an ABL lender unlocking a $2,000,000 analytics staffing venture. Explore how collaboration overcame financial hurdles and portfolio constraints, paving the way for future growth in the private credit market.

Scaling New Heights in Construction Finance: How Haversine Funding Helped Secure a $5,000,000 Deal

Discover how Haversine Funding's strategic partnership and deep understanding of construction finance empowered a factoring company to secure a lucrative $5,000,000 deal. Learn key insights on balancing risk and seizing growth opportunities in this blog post.

Strategic Financing Success: Haversine Funding’s $3,000,000 Boost in Healthcare Funding

Discover the strategic approach and impact of Haversine’s collaboration to boost funding in the healthcare sector. Learn how a tailored $10 million financial framework overcomes industry intricacies, cultivates growth, and strengthens client relationships.

A Bridge to Growth: Haversine's Strategic Financing Boosts Factoring Firm

When timing was not on their side, Haversine stepped in for this factoring company needing support to continue to grow and help more businesses with their working capital needs.

Haversine Bridges the Gap for ABL

Then this ABL firm needed support for their rapid growth, Haversine Funding bridged the gap, partnering with a $25 million co-fund.

Haversine Provides Junior Capital to Factoring Companies Experiencing Growth

Haversine Funding helped this transportation factor, providing $2,500,000 in junior capital so they could increase their senior line of credit and grow their factoring platform even more.

Haversine Helps Factoring Company Launch and Grow

Haversine Funding provided a $4,750,000 senior line of credit, including a supplemental loan, giving this factoring and ABL company the boost needed to expand and grow.

Transportation factor speeds in to new opportunities with help from Haversine Funding

Haversine Funding was able to underwrite, approve and fund a $2,000,000 revolving loan subordinated to the factoring company’s bank lender.

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