About Haversine

Helping specialty lenders

Founding Story

In 2018, Stan Vukmer launched Haversine Funding to fulfill a one-stop solution and marketplace need for commercial specialty finance companies to grow their lending platforms. The demand from SME borrowers has never been greater, and the potential for your specialty finance firm's growth is massive.

Initially, we launched a participation program to help lenders “win” and retain clients, reduce concentrations, and take on larger transactions to build their portfolio at a faster scale. By 2021, we added in more funding solutions for factors and lenders – senior lines of credit and subordinated debt (junior lines of credit). Having multiple financing options available allows commercial specialty lenders to access capital throughout the various growth phases of their business, from early stage to growing to mature platforms.

Today, we now also provide selective growth capital for funding acquisitions or buyouts.

Within this widely fragmented and highly competitive industry, Haversine Funding can provide the edge you need to succeed in almost any stage of your finance company. And, we do not provide direct loans to commercial borrowers, so we are non-competitive to your business. We also have the expertise to understand your needs and quickly underwrite opportunities. In fact, it’s our team that makes us truly unique as we’ve worked in the space as lenders for decades.

Our Team

Our goal is to become your true partner, where we can help small and mid-size alternative lenders obtain lender financing and growth capital options, work with our industry experts through your business cycles and stages, and gain new connections for growth and access to lower cost of funds. Our goal is to help you succeed.

Stan Vukmer
Founder & CEO
Gen Merritt-Parikh
Jeffrey Whaley, CPA
Vince Mancuso, CAEF
Managing Director
Cheryl Mayo, CAEF
Senior Director, Portfolio Manager
Nolan Reichert
Vice President, Head of Originations
Veronica Hernandez
Collateral Analyst
Edward “Eddie” Mun, CPA
Philip Waltrip, CPA
Senior Portfolio Advisor
Milena Arevalo
Staff Accountant

Board of Directors

Stan Vukmer
Patrick George
John D. Desprez III
Katherine Sproul

What We Offer

Haversine Funding is backed by unlevered family office 'permanent' capital, not subject to redemptions or banking restrictions, allowing us the ability to consistently fund when others cannot, especially when you need it most. We offer:

Tremendous Flexbility

Tremendous flexibility in terms of funding structure and amount - from small individual loan participations to larger portfolio fundings.

Banking Relationships

Deep banking relationships that will join us by providing leverage within your underlying portfolios allowing you to reduce your cost of funds, improve profitability, build a bank financing track record and grow.

Strong Support

Strong support as we also invest equity into select specialty lenders, providing the operational growth capital to keep pace with your success.

Why Haversine?
“Haversine” is a mathematical formula historically important to global navigation. It provides the most direct route for traveling great distances.
We believe aligning our capital, expertise, efficiency and responsiveness with strong, experienced commercial lenders helps them chart a more direct path for their success as well as their clients.

We are here to help you succeed and grow your business.