April 3, 2023

Fill Funding Gaps with Haversine: A Look at Our Key Product Offerings

Gaps in funding can prohibit growing companies from taking on new business and expanding their portfolios.

Gaps in funding can prohibit growing companies from taking on new business and expanding their portfolios. Haversine Funding exists to help specialty finance companies, such as factors, asset-based lenders, inventory, equipment and real estate lenders, fill funding gaps, allowing them to win new clients and retain existing relationships.

With our scope, we can create bespoke products that fit your funding needs. Primarily, we offer three funding structures: participations, senior lines of credit and junior lines of credit (secured subordinated debt). And, we can also help with acquisitions, equity and other unique funding options.  

Let’s break down the key elements of our three core offerings so you can better understand how we can work together to help you achieve your funding goals.

Participations — When a prospect or client exceeds your concentration limits, rather than send the deal to a competitor, Haversine can share in that opportunity, ensuring you are able to keep the relationship. Our participation program is confidential to your client, keeping us in the background. Participations allow you to:

  • take on larger transactions,  
  • diversify risk,
  • blend down the rate to retain clients or win new deals, and  
  • enhance your yield  

Senior lines of credit — Lenders or factors that are new to the space don’t always qualify for a more traditional bank lender finance facility — be it concentration limitations, operating history, financial reporting and performance, equity in the company or formalized processes and procedures. Until you are ready to transition to a bank lender or if you simply want to maintain more flexibility in your business, Haversine can help.  

With Haversine’s lender finance program, our clients gain funding freedom while also securing a partner that can help them grow their platform in terms of funding deals, providing additional capital, and accessing our advisors. The Haversine team can be a sounding board for your business — helping with processes, financial reviews, general consultancy, partner introductions, and more. Our goal is to help you build and grow your business successfully.  

Junior lines of credit — For those lenders and factors that already have a senior bank provider, Haversine can still help. We provide funding for the gap between your equity and your bank funding, giving you more money to grow and build your business — now and in the future.

And, our team will still help on the advisory side along the way — evaluating or helping create policies and procedures, reviewing collection and other protocols and reporting, and ultimately helping identify enhancements along the way. Our valuable insights allow you to keep a closer pulse on the industry and your finances while using the very best metrics.

When you choose Haversine, you’re choosing industry experts and a partner who will help you build and expand your platform so you can help your clients even more. It’s a win-win!

We are here to help you succeed and grow your business.