July 18, 2023

Haversine and Innovation: ABF Journal 2023 Recognition

We were thrilled to be recognized in July’s ABF Journal’s prestigious list of the 2023 Most Innovative Companies! Check out our feature in the ABF Journal.
Stan Vukmer
Founder and CEO
Haversine Funding

Haversine Funding delivers a comprehensive lender finance and participation program that enables commercial finance platforms to grow and achieve financial success for their underlying small and midsized clients.

Haversine Funding is a leading provider of specialized lender finance solutions tailored to the specific growth stages of lenders. Its unique offering exclusively caters to specialty finance lenders and factors, providing senior lines of credit, junior capital/subordinated debt and participation funding. Thanks to its dedicated and highly experienced team, Haversine Funding is committed to helping its portfolio clients achieve their goals quickly and efficiently.

In 2022, Haversine Funding developed a junior capital structure that provides financing of $1 million to $25 million and addresses the capital and cost management needs of factors and lenders. This innovative, flexible junior capital offering fills a crucial market gap. The company also introduced “Lead Line,” a program to facilitate deal placements within its network of lenders, further supporting their platform development and growth. With a comprehensive range of offerings for financing platforms, Haversine Funding consistently receives positive feedback from satisfied clients.

Haversine Funding has assembled an expert team to enhance lender success while focusing on operational efficiency. The team reviews processes and systems, eliminates inefficiencies and develops policies and procedures. Team members also offer co-underwriting support and provide valuable “second look” insights on deals. With decades of experience in factoring and asset-based lending, Haversine Funding’s team members serve as knowledgeable advisors, assisting clients in securing additional capital and helping manage through workouts when needed.

In addition to its advisory and value-added offerings, Haversine Funding ensures a high level of personalized service across its entire team, extending beyond account management. For example, its accounting department has built and implemented automated reports and processes for lenders to streamline month-end operations. This exemplifies the company’s commitment to continuously improving clients’ portfolios for long-term success.

“From our initial launch to the continuous roll-out of new product and service offerings, innovation is the current that drives us. In a market defined by change, stasis simply isn’t an option.”

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