April 3, 2023

Introducing the Haversine Lead Line

We’re thrilled to announce the Haversine Lead Line, our own lead generation platform for lenders.

At Haversine Funding, we work with more than 100 commercial lenders across the U.S., helping them to grow their platforms as they finance companies in a variety of industries, from staffing, distribution, technology, medical, construction and beyond. It’s our goal to help commercial lenders find the most direct and efficient path toward achieving their goals and expanding their lending platforms.  

We do that by acting as a one-stop solution, providing fast, fair and flexible funding solutions to specialty finance companies—and now, we are adding even more value by facilitating connections and relationships between our clients and the companies who need them.  

We’re thrilled to announce the Haversine Lead Line, our own lead generation platform for lenders. When we are contacted by companies looking for financing or refinancing, our vast network of partner lenders—who fund receivables, inventory, purchase orders, equipment and real estate—means we can help those companies find a home with the lender who is the right fit for them. Our lender network covers all industries, collateral and risk profiles.

Lead Line Case Study

The Opportunity:

A game developer originally started in virtual and augmented reality programs and eventually moved more to developing new games and intellectual property for major gaming platforms. The company was looking for a finance partner to help as they had recently received large contracts that would help further build the business and achieve profitability.

The challenge was their limited operating history under the current business model combined with the fact that many of these larger customers have extended terms and pay slowly. The company wanted a partner that was comfortable with these concerns while also being able to offer high levels of customer service and competitive rates and advances.

The Win: Through Haversine’s Lead Line lender platform, we were able to review the transaction and find an ideal partner for the business. The factor was able to close the deal within two weeks, more than exceeding the game developer’s expectations.

A Word from The Client
“Thank you so much for your help… The bank factoring relationship has been “game changing” for the business.” – Board member, Game developer company

A Word from The Lender
Haversine referred a prospective client to our factoring group at Goodman Capital Finance – a client relationship that had been well known to Haversine management and required a perfect pairing that was fast, fair, flexible and hyper focused on providing superior customer service. Within a few days, we were able to approve and fund the transaction.” -J. Cole, Chief Credit Officer

If you know a company looking for financing, or to learn more about our Lead Line referral program, Visit Lead Line, or contact us today at

We are here to help you succeed and grow your business.