Portfolio Participation Programs

Expand your participations to include a master pool of assets that can easily be added or removed without the hassle of layers of documents or approvals. Haversine Funding is currently funding up to $25,000,000 for these portfolio programs. Instead of individual participation transactions with separate participation agreements and reviews, Haversine Funding can work with you to structure a master agreement making it easier to add and remove participations based on your funding needs. With more history and a set process, this portfolio program can accelerate responsiveness and efficiencies in the approval process making it easier for you, your team and your clients.

Customer Stories

"It is rare to find a finance partner with a genuine depth of knowledge and experience in the world of non-traditional lending. Haversine’s ability to evaluate funding opportunities from a commonsense perspective, understand the risks, and make quick and decisive decisions has been invaluable to my firm. They are a dependable and highly valued partner." CEO, Privately owned, Texas-based factoring company

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